About Rora Blue

Rora Blue is a Northern California born and Texas raised artist. She grew up surrounded by fireflies, swimming pools, and wide open spaces. Upon graduating high school in Texas, Rora Blue moved back to Northern California and began creating art. She likes to think she was born in Sacramento twice. First in 1996 and then again in 2015 when she began creating art.

Rora Blue’s artwork can be defined by color, text, and interactivity. She believes that some feelings are so big they can only be expressed as a color. With this in mind, she uses color in her artwork as a vehicle to communicate a feeling with the viewer.

Rora Blue is best known for her series Handle With Care and for The Unsent Project, which now has received over 40,000 submissions. Her work has been featured in news outlets such as The New York Times, Good Morning America, Teen Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. She has exhibited her work globally in 6 countries and 10 different states. Her major commissions include Bumble in the UK. Rora Blue has received multiple awards and has had the pleasure of speaking at events in California, New York, and Canada.